Different types of worry dolls from around the world

Different types of worry dolls from around the world

Worry dolls are a fascinating and culturally significant aspect of many indigenous communities around the world. These tiny, handmade dolls are believed to have the power to alleviate worries and promote calmness and relaxation. Although worry dolls originated in Guatemala, they are now popular in many countries and cultures around the world, each with their unique style and history.

Guatemalan worry dolls are among the most well-known and popular types of worry dolls. They are typically made of wood, wire, and colorful scraps of fabric, and are often no more than an inch in height. Guatemalan worry dolls are usually sold in sets of six or more and come with a small bag to store them in. According to tradition, you should tell your worries to each of the six dolls before going to sleep, and they will take care of them for you overnight.

Peruvian worry dolls, also known as Muñeca quitapena, are similar in style and function to Guatemalan worry dolls. However, they are often made of clay, and each doll is painted with bright colors and intricate patterns. In Peru, worry dolls are often sold in small, brightly colored boxes with a mirror on the inside, so that the person who is worrying can look at themselves while telling their worries to the dolls.

In Mexico, worry dolls are often made of yarn and are called "palm dolls" because they are made by wrapping yarn around the palm of the hand. They are typically sold in sets of three or four and are sometimes placed in small, woven baskets or decorated boxes. In some Mexican communities, it is believed that worry dolls have the power to ward off evil spirits and protect the person who is worrying.

In addition to Guatemala, Peru, and Mexico, worry dolls are also popular in other countries, including Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia. Each country has its unique style and tradition surrounding worry dolls, making them a fascinating and culturally significant aspect of many communities worldwide.

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