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Six Worry Dolls in a handwoven textile bag Worry Dolls

Six Worry Dolls in a handwoven textile bag

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Tired of worrying? Find relief with six handmade Guatemalan worry dolls in a quirky handwoven bag, taking the stress away so you can snooze without picking apart life’s little problems! Offloading your worries onto tiny friends has never been so fun. So don't worry, be happy!

These worry dolls come in a hand woven textile bag. Each pouch contains 6 worry dolls, each dolls measures 3 cm long.

A beautiful woven bag where live 6 of the tiniest worry dolls. Because this is handmade all of these dolls are individual and have a character of their own. Their message of taking care of your worries makes it a thoughtful gift.

The pouch measures 7 x 6 cm. Printed story included.

Please note: as these dolls have been made by different artisans they differ one from the other making them unique: they are all lovely.

The colour of the bags are all multicoloured-rainbow, they are all unique and not two are the same.

Our range of worry dolls from Guatemala that are featured on this site are all produced by co-operatives from various villages.

For the most part the production of these items is undertaken by women’s groups and co-operatives to raise funds for their villages. The money earned provides much needed funds for basic necessities and also funds for small scale infrastructure projects within their communities.

All goods are ethically produced and all artisans and workers involved in every steps of the production are fairly compensated for their skills and work.