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Health Personalized Worry Dolls - worry dolls
Health Personalized Worry Dolls - worry dolls
Health Personalized Worry Dolls - worry dolls

Health Guardian Worry Dolls: Your Pocket-Sized Wellness Companions

SKU: WD040-Health

Health Guardian Worry Dolls are handmade companions that you can carry in your pocket or on a necklace to support your mental and emotional health. Accompanying you through difficult times and celebrations, they offer a gentle reminder that you are not alone in your journey.

A lovely individual worry doll that has been personalized for an specific WORRY: Health

Each worry dolls measures: 3.5 cm

Well presented on a printed card which includes the story of the worry dolls

If you tell your worries to the dolls at night before you go to sleep, tuck them under your pillow, they will do all the worrying for you.

Please note: as these dolls have been made by different artisans they differ one from the other making them unique: they are all lovely.

Our range of worry dolls from Guatemala that are featured on this site are all produced by co-operatives from various villages.

For the most part the production of these items is undertaken by women’s groups and co-operatives to raise funds for their villages. The money earned provides much needed funds for basic necessities and also funds for small scale infrastructure projects within their communities.

All goods are ethically produced and all artisans and workers involved in every steps of the production are fairly compensated for their skills and work.