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Mayan Pumice Stone Worry Dolls

Mayan Pumice Stone

SKU: SM002

Discover polished perfection with our Mayan Pumice Stone! It's the perfect buff to give your skin a smooth, silky finish. All natural ingredients to exfoliate, cleanse and reveal your glowing, goddess-like complexion. Your secret weapon for happiness (and perfect skin!) is here!

This Pumice Stone comes from volcanic activity in Guatemala. It is a perfect material for exfoliating hard skin on your feet.

Measurements: 8 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm

To Use:
After a hot footbath: gently scrub with the pumice stone and your feet will feel 10 years younger.

All the items featured in this site are ethically produced in the highlands of Guatemala, with your purchase you are supporting artisans in Guatemala to have a sustainable income.

Our range of items from Guatemala that are featured on this site are all produced by co-operatives from various villages.

For the most part the production of these items is undertaken by women’s groups and co-operatives to raise funds for their villages. The money earned provides much needed funds for basic necessities and also funds for small scale infrastructure projects within their communities.

All goods are ethically produced and all artisans and workers involved in every steps of the production are fairly compensated for their skills and work.